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    I’m so sad that the warmer weather is disappearing from England! Although I love winter fashion, wearing jumpers, boots and hats, a couple of months into winter the novelty of winter fashion will have worn off. I haven’t been out on my bicycle at all recently so I need to focus on getting out on a ride soon before it does get really cold! (more…)

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    I’ve had such a busy September with lots of time off and then working in between. That’s one thing about freelancing I’ll have to get used to is not having set holidays and holiday pay! Last weekend I went up north to Grimsby for my cousins wedding. It was lovely to see all my family and the wedding was beautiful with the sun shining all day. (more…)

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    For the past week I’ve had time off and I have been at Bestival which is a music festival held on the Isle of Wight. It’s the first time I have gone to Bestival and I had an amazing weekend! I saw loads of great bands/ acts play and loved the creativity and atmosphere of it. The weather was mostly sunny which is good for Britain but it did rain a little bit! (more…)

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    I’ve wrapped up a few exciting projects over the last week and managed to add them to my portfolio. Take a look at the infographic website I designed for London based ShortList magazine here. I’ve also designed a responsive website for my Uncle’s Gas Boiler business called Boilerworx and it’s now gone live, see the picture below for how it turned out! (more…)

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    It’s been a lovely weekend as I attended a wedding with my boyfriend as he was Usher. It was such a great time full of lovely food, fab company and of course lots of wine! I’ve come back down to the working world with a bang this week and got back into the swing of things though. (more…)

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    I went on a well earned spa break to Cardiff last week with my boyfriend Dan. We had a brilliant time, I haven’t been to Cardiff in ages so it was lovely to walk around seeing the sites and go shopping and then chill in the spa at our hotel, I definitely came back feeling rejuvenated!  (more…)

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    I’ve loved being part of the Shirley’s Wheels cycle club that has been meeting every Saturday at the Courtyard. The group is run by Herefordshire Council as part of their Choose how you Move campaign. It has built up my confidence riding my bike and I’ve found out some great cycle routes to ride on, as well as meeting other local bike enthusiasts! If you’re from the Herefordshire region and want to know more it’s starting up again in the beginning of September. (more…)

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    I’m an Aunty! A massive congratulations to my sister and her husband on the birth of their first child, a son called Jenson. I’m an Aunty for the first time and a very proud one as well! It’s been a lovely week of cuddles and photos and seeing family that has been down to visit.  (more…)

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    It’s been a very busy last week or so at Rachel Bonness Design and I’ve pretty much been at my desk working hard. I’ve had some great projects to work on and I’ve been very pleased with the amount of clients that have wanted to work with me after looking at my portfolio and website. (more…)

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    I’ve had a brilliant last couple of weeks. I’ve moved house to a lovely place in the Herefordshire countryside. My mum has been to visit (I only see her a few times a year as she lives 4 hours away) and we threw my sister a baby shower as she is 36 weeks pregnant. (more…)