Chalkboard Style Kitchen Art Poster

I’ve recently completed a really fun job which was to design a set of kitchen art posters. My favourite was this chalkboard style design for the quote ‘Love the wine you’re with’. I’m obsessed with all things chalkboard at the moment so it was the perfect way to display my favourite trend!

I used a mixture of different fonts including handwritten and vintage styles and put these together with some decorative ornaments and incorporated everything into a wine bottle shape. Let me know what you think!

chalkboard style kitchen art poster typography love the wine you're with

2017 EDIT

I am becoming increasingly fed up of people STEALING this design! I will report every single person I see blatantly stealing this design. This design is not for re-sale at all! If you see this design for re-sale or posted on someone else’s website then please let me know. You can buy this as a print on my Etsy shop. Click on the photo below. CREATE YOUR OWN ARTWORK.

love the wine you're with typography print graphic design quote art poster

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