My Top Ten Free Circus Fonts

Circus fonts are a really trendy way to add a little retro pizzaz to projects! These fonts originate from the 19th century when the circus was becoming a popular form of entertainment. The big top needed advertisement to gain interest in their upcoming shows. Thus, the circus poster was born!

The designer of the age used woodcut blocks made from mahogany and many of these wood blocks were used time and time again to save money and this is why we see such a strong similar style in circus fonts. When Lithographic printing was introduced to circus posters, some 50 years after it had begun, the circus poster changed from a primarily woodcut type poster to a more illustrative design style. To find out more about the era of circus design please read this fantastic blog post here:

These fonts look great in retro / vintage designs alongside aged photos and worn textures to enhance their old style. I love using circus fonts in birthday invitations, children’s print designs and for client’s who have a vintage feel to their branding or event.

Please check the individual artist license before using in commercial projects.

Top Ten Free Circus Style Fonts

Here’s the download links:

Carnivalee Freakshow // FT Rosecube // Bosox // Hustlers Rough Demo // Big Top // Circus // Tightrope // Beans // Chevelier Stripes // Coffee Tin

Please note that Hustlers Rough Demo is as it says, a demo version of their font, for the full version you can buy it from the above link and it is definitely worth it as it is a fab font!

As you can see, I have played around with different drop shadow effects and I’ve layered different weights of the same font over each other. You can make your circus design really stand out by playing around with these effects too!

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