Shortlist’s ‘Modern Urban Man’ Infographic Website

I was recently hired to design an infographic website for a research project that ShortList magazine had undertaken. The research was based on the ‘Modern Urban Man’ and was aimed at a target audience of 25-44 year old males. ShortList already had the illustrations of each ‘man type’ drawn so it was up to me to make a truly unique infographic style design for this website.

I wanted to create a website that was designed right to the edge of the page and that flowed with the users screen size. I used the ShortList’s  fonts and brand colours and added textured backgrounds and header areas to enhance on their brand. There were 8 man types to design for and each needed their own spider chart that when the user hovered over, it would show another man type’s statistics. Each ‘man type’ also had their own pie charts so this had to be included on their page also.

There were 2 pages which consisted of sliders that were all different infographics stitched together. These pages were the Brand Love page and Insights page. Go take a look and see how much easier the information is to digest when it is laid out in this format.

Overall I am really pleased with how this website turned out. I worked with a brilliant web developer, Richard Brown, who turned my designs into the working website and managed the ideas for it from the start.

Go take a look at the website here: ShortList’s Urban Man

Rachel Bonness Graphic Design Hereford infographic Shortlist's Urban Man Website

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