My Top Ten Free Fonts with the best Ampersands

An ampersand is the figure that is used to represent the word ‘and’, it is widely recognised by this mark; &. The symbol originates from the blending of the letter E and T, from the Latin word ‘et’. As a Graphic Designer I am constantly using the ampersand in my designs. The aesthetic curves and swirls of the ampersand character is just really beautiful to me and it is extensively growing in popularity in the home decor market as well.

Here’s a list of my top ten FREE to download fonts that have the best ampersands. Put them on; prints, cushions, posters, or anything else you can think of. The links to download the fonts are at the bottom of this post.

Please check the individual artist license before using in commercial projects

Top Ten Free Ampersand Fonts

Here’s the download links:

Abraham Lincoln // Ursa Serif // Abril Fatface // Foglihten No06 // Prata // Elephant // Josefin Slab // My Own Topher // Quaver Serif // Aver

If you are downloading the fonts from website then put $0 in the box to download it for free. Although if you donate some money towards their awesome fonts that is good too 🙂

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  • Laura // // Reply


    Thanks so much for this compilation! Hadn’t heard of most of these fonts & am very excited to put them to use!



  • admin // // Reply

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your comment! I just had to share the great ampersands I had found recently 🙂 Look out on my blog for more top ten typography inspirations!

    Kind Regards

  • Emma // // Reply

    Hi! And thank you for sharing these fonts. But my question is: what’s the font you used to write fonts names?

  • Jen // // Reply

    This is a PERFECT find! Have been looking around for an affordable wooden ampersand to use in our upcoming wedding pictures and haven’t found anything I really like…then it dawned on me to print out a huge ampersand instead and glue it to some foam board or something similar. Thanks!!

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  • David // // Reply

    Thanks so much for these! I’m always hunting for good ampersands for my work and these will be great!

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