• Top Ten Free Google Font Combinations

    Typography is used by graphic designers on a very regular basis and we need fonts to look nice in combination with each other. Web design is one area where custom fonts have become very popular. Google’s free font library is one of the most exciting advancements in open-source web fonts in a very long time. (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Fonts with the best Ampersands

    An ampersand is the figure that is used to represent the word ‘and’, it is widely recognised by this mark; &. The symbol originates from the blending of the letter E and T, from the Latin word ‘et’. As a Graphic Designer I am constantly using the ampersand in my designs. The aesthetic curves and swirls of the ampersand character is just really beautiful to me and it is extensively growing in popularity in the home decor market as well. (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Circus Fonts

    Circus fonts are a really trendy way to add a little retro pizzaz to projects! These fonts originate from the 19th century when the circus was becoming a popular form of entertainment. The big top needed advertisement to gain interest in their upcoming shows. Thus, the circus poster was born! (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Handwritten Fonts

    Handwritten fonts are the most useful tool a designer can use in the right project. I design a lot of greetings cards and invitations and I find that this type of font go perfectly when I am creating them. Handwritten fonts are similar to script fonts but usually a lot more freeform and less constrained.  (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Script Fonts

    I love using script fonts in my designs and I’m always on the hunt for the best free ones out there. Script fonts give a profound touch to a design. I mostly use them for wedding and invitation cards but they also look great on typography posters sandwiched between bold straight fonts and on logo’s too. (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Chalkboard Fonts

    As you may have noticed from my recent work, I am obsessed with chalkboard designs at the moment! I love the style of the rough chalkboard and I think it is very shabby chic and can give an interesting look to wedding invitations/ personalised prints and greeting cards. Here’s a round up of my top ten FREE to download chalkboard style fonts so you can design your own blackboard creations. (more…)

  • Creating a textured Logo background {Freebie}

    I recently completed a job for Australian company Lifestyle Elements which was to make their logo have a realistic textured effect on it. As I LOVE a textured logo I jumped at the opportunity to do this job for them. See below for how I used a DIY approach to this job brief. (more…)

  • My Favourite Script Fonts

    I love a good script font in my designs where I can use them and I want to share my favourite script/ calligraphic/ handwritten fonts. Elegant, sophisticated, and free for both personal and commercial use. Enjoy! (more…)

  • Websites that help my Design Process

    I have decided to compile a list of websites I visit on a daily basis that help me with my inspiration and design production. I want to create a reference for other design types and I’m welcome to other suggestions so comment below if there are any others that you use daily that I could have a look at. (more…)