• Letterpress Business Cards

    I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a Letterpress Business Card. Printed onto thick, uncoated paper stocks; letterpress business cards offer a unique, tangible and classic feel. Simplicity works really well on letterpress business cards with minimal colours – usually only one or two. The relief that it creates on the stock is perfect for embossing areas of the design. (more…)

  • My Top Ten Free Stitched Fonts

    I completed some Christmas invitation designs recently (yes, Christmas designs in October!) And I did a design that used a Christmas jumper pattern in the background and with this theme I included stitch fonts for the typography of the invite. I’m really drawn to their wonderful hand-made, organic appeal and was instantly obsessed with the different styles of stitch fonts I could find! (more…)

  • Top Ten Personalised Prints

    Personalised posters make truly unique gifts perfect for special occasions. Whether you are buying for a friend, partner or family member, just simply supply the words (they can be as fun or as serious as you like), and you will be giving a unique gift that is not just personalised, but ‘oh so personal’. (more…)

  • Letterpress Wedding Invitations

    I love letterpress, it’s my favourite type of invitation. The tangible nature of the print, the gorgeous impression into thick, luxurious paper stock and even the centuries-old technique; you just don’t get that from modern printing. (more…)

  • Facebook Cover Photo Design

    I’ve set up my own Facebook Page for Rachel Bonness Design recently and along with that comes a whole new area to design for and get your brand out there. One thing I have come across is to design an interesting cover photo for my business page that reflects Rachel Bonness Design and is instantly recognisable. (more…)

  • Infographic CV’s {INFOGRAPHIC}

    I have been commissioned to design a few infographic CV’s since going freelance and I’ve always admired how beautiful they look; so why this growing design trend in the last year or so? (more…)