• 6 Months of being Self-Employed!

    I’ve been self-employed for 6 months today! I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months since I quit the 9-5 life and joined the freelance design world full time. It feels like I’ve been doing this forever and I’ve had an AMAZING half a year of establishing myself. I want to say a great big thank you to all my clients I’ve been privileged to work with, I couldn’t have done it without any of you! (more…)

  • Thought of the Day

    When nothing goes right go left. A typography quote poster I designed for Elementem Photography and it is on sale here: ELEMENTEM with a few others I designed as well! (more…)

  • Chalkboard Style Kitchen Art Poster

    I’ve recently completed a really fun job which was to design a set of kitchen art posters. My favourite was this chalkboard style design for the quote ‘Love the wine you’re with’. I’m obsessed with all things chalkboard at the moment so it was the perfect way to display my favourite trend! (more…)

  • My Competition Winner!

    I have had an amazing response to the first competition I have ran through my Facebook page and I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s feedback and all the new fans of my page! I announced the winner of the framed typography print designed by me and it was …  (more…)

  • Thought of the Day

    Great things do not happen they are made to happen. A typography quote poster I designed for Elementem Photography and it is on sale here: ELEMENTEM with a few others I designed as well! (more…)

  • Shortlist’s ‘Modern Urban Man’ Infographic Website

    I was recently hired to design an infographic website for a research project that ShortList magazine had undertaken. The research was based on the ‘Modern Urban Man’ and was aimed at a target audience of 25-44 year old males. ShortList already had the illustrations of each ‘man type’ drawn so it was up to me to make a truly unique infographic style design for this website. (more…)

  • My Facebook Competition!

    I’ve wanted to run a competition for as long as I can remember, and now I’m freelance I thought it was the perfect advantage to design something and give it away! I have set up the competition though my Facebook page and all you have to do is to like my page and you can be in with a chance of winning.  (more…)

  • Personalised Birth Print (Girl)

    After designing my Nephew’s birth print which I posted about here, I have had a lot of interest from people wanting me to design personalised prints for their little ones. This one was for baby Summer and it was really fun to do a girly design. (more…)

  • Personalised Birth Print (boy)

    I designed this personalised birth print for my Nephew Jenson as a momento of his arrival into the world. His nursery is safari themed so I carried this into the design, using safari characters and bright colours. I framed it in a simple white frame and it looks lovely hanging up in his nursery. It is an original gift with personality. (more…)

  • Baby Shower Invitation Design

    I designed this Invitation as I was throwing my sister a Tea-Party Baby Shower and wanted it to go with the theme. I have used design elements such as bunting, an illustrative tea cup and a spotted tablecloth and then paired all this with a mixture of different fonts to create a striking invite. I had a lot of fun doing it and seeing it through to a printed outcome. (more…)