• My Week in Pictures (20)

    Hello! Well today the weather is raining but what a fab few weeks of sunshine we have had up until now. I went to visit my sister’s family in York recently for my nephews first birthday. York is a gorgeous place and I can’t wait to go back for a bit longer so I can take a lot of photos and explore a bit more. (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (19)

    It’s been 2 months since I moved to The Isle of Wight and it has been great.  There have been a lot of beach visits and the weather has been lovely, so a lot of time in the sunshine sitting in the garden or on a walk as well. My creative CV’s have really picked up recently and I’ve had a lot of orders come in for them. I’ll be doing a special blog post on creative CVs / Resumes soon so look out for that. (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (18)

    I should be calling this blog series, “my MONTH in pictures” rather than “my week ..” as I never seem to do it weekly! A lot has happened in the world of Rachel Bonness Design in the last few months… I’ve moved to live on the Isle of Wight! Me and my boyfriend have been planning it since the beginning of the year and it’s finally happened and this is my first blog post from the new studio!

  • My Week in Pictures (17)

    I’ve had such a busy month that I neglected posting for a while, sorry! I had my sister and nephew come to visit for a few days and then a week later, my boyfriend’s parents came to visit. So there was a lot of cooking of big meals, days out and chill time! It’s always lovely to have a catch up with family and as all mine live far away it is extra special. (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (16)

    Mid way through February already, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to set in. Earlier this month I went to a local Vintage Wedding Fayre which was brilliant. There was loads of great inspiration for where I would like my business to be in a few years and the type of thing I want to be doing (bespoke wedding stationery). (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (15)

    Well January is meant to be a depressing month but I’ve had a fab few weeks! A lot of new jobs have come my way and I have been busy all month long designing. I think it is definitely ‘Wedding Stationery Season’ as I’ve been creating quite a few invitation designs. I love designing wedding stationery sets and doing something special for the future Bride and Groom. (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (14)

    Well it’s back to reality after some brilliant time off over the holiday period. I had a great Christmas and New Year. I spent Christmas with my boyfriends family on the Isle of Wight and New Year with my sister and brother-in-law. I hope everyone has had a really enjoyable time like I have! (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (13)

    Only a few days to go until CHRISTMAS! I’m going to be spending the time with my boyfriend’s family and I can’t wait. I will still be online checking emails and doing the odd bit of work but mostly relaxing and eating nice food and drinking nice, alcoholic drink! (more…)

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    Yay it’s December! I had a really busy November with work and I had a lot of jobs on so I didn’t blog very much. The hits on my website are steadily increasing and I am getting a lot of returns in Search Engines now and it’s bringing in clients from all over the world. I feel really grateful to everyone who wants to work with me 🙂 (more…)

  • My Week in Pictures (11)

    I’ve been really slacking at taking many pictures recently! This gloomy weather and the darker nights aren’t very inspiring. I did go and watch the fireworks at Hereford Racecourse the other night and that was brilliant. They put on an amazing display. I can’t believe it’s November already! Almost time for the C word!! 🙂 🙂 (more…)