Infographic CV’s {INFOGRAPHIC}

I have been commissioned to design a few infographic CV’s since going freelance and I’ve always admired how beautiful they look; so why this growing design trend in the last year or so?

I definitely think websites like Pinterest have opened up a wider spectrum of inspiration and now design work such as infographic CV’s are available to be viewed by all kinds of people that otherwise wouldn’t have known about them. I have found a lot of infographic CV’s on Pinterest that are stunning. If you design an infographic CV or have one designed for you, then you are going that extra step to look keen for that future job that you want and you are going to impress the employer. If there is a pile of 100 or so CV’s and yours is the beautifully designed piece of artwork with bold headings and a gorgeous colour scheme then it’s instantly going to be recognisable. I think they are a great way of putting in that extra effort that employers look for in their future employee.

Here’s some links to Infographic CV/Resume’s I have designed for clients:

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux Infographic Resume

Mike Duquet Infographic Resume

Tammy Infographic Resume

Tess Whitty Infographic Resume

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The one below is an infographic CV I found on Pinterest designed by Emmanuel Perez. It really conveys a brand and style which is so important in an infographic CV; being able to get yourself across visually. You can look at this and not even have to read it!


Rachel Bonness Design Infographic CV Resume Hereford UK

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