My Week in Pictures (18)

I should be calling this blog series, “my MONTH in pictures” rather than “my week ..” as I never seem to do it weekly! A lot has happened in the world of Rachel Bonness Design in the last few months… I’ve moved to live on the Isle of Wight! Me and my boyfriend have been planning it since the beginning of the year and it’s finally happened and this is my first blog post from the new studio!

I’ve never lived by the seaside before so I am really excited to explore what the Isle of Wight has to offer and be REALLY touristy for the first few weeks. We have moved to live closer to my boyfriend’s family and just have a better work / life balance. The cats have come too and are absolutely loving their new home already. It was my 25th birthday the week before we moved as well so it has been a crazy few weeks!

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IMG_6051 beach ride isle of wight

sunset dinedor hereford bluebells flowers vase garden pick

sushi rolling japan hay bluff wales mountain

birthday dress 25 years old mulberry jam hereford local produce

personalised birth print baby boy ducks typography bicycle bike riding vintage

skateboarding hereford skatepark ferry isle of wight

ryde pier converse catosaurus dinosaur outfit dressed up cat

From top to bottom, left to right:

A birthday / leaving hamper from my friend, Me on Ryde beach with Portsmouth in the background, Sunset at Dindeor – Hereford, Freshly picked Bluebells from the garden, Rolling Sushi, Me and my boyfriend Dan at the top of Hay Bluff in Wales, Me on my 25th birthday, Hereford produced Mulberry Jam, A birth print I made for baby Harry, Me with my bike at Hereford Bike Festival, Hereford Skatepark, Leaving the mainland on the ferry to live on the Isle of Wight, Me on Ryde pier wearing converse, My cat dressed up as a dinosaur

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