My Week in Pictures (1)

I’ve had a brilliant last couple of weeks. I’ve moved house to a lovely place in the Herefordshire countryside. My mum has been to visit (I only see her a few times a year as she lives 4 hours away) and we threw my sister a baby shower as she is 36 weeks pregnant. I’ve had some fantastic new clients that i’ve got to know and establish ongoing relationships with and had some great jobs to work on. I’ve also bought an old vintage bike and really got into cycling which has been brilliant to blow off some steam and get away from the desk. I feel a big change going on in my life and I’m embracing it fully and excited to see where it takes me. Below is some pictures I’ve taken through instagram of my life in the past few weeks, enjoy!

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Rachel Bonness Design Dinedor Hereford Rachel Bonness Design Radish ragdoll Hereford

Rachel Bonness Design vintage bicycle Hereford Rachel Bonness Design ropeswing Hereford

Rachel Bonness Design teapot Hereford Rachel Bonness Design Dinedor Hereford

Rachel Bonness Design Ragdoll Parsnip Hereford Rachel Bonness Design Hereford

Rachel Bonness Design Baby Shower Hereford Rachel Bonness Design trees Hereford

Rachel Bonness Design Dinedor Hereford Rachel Bonness Design baby shower Hereford

From top to bottom, left to right:

Me watching the sunset from Dinedor, Radish my Ragdoll cat enjoying the sun, Me at cycle club, my boyfriend on a rope swing near our house, Tea in the sun with my friend, Sunset at Dinedor, Parsnip my ragdoll on her favourite spot, Me trying out a 50s headband, Me and my sister at her baby shower, view whilst lying down on a trampoline, Sun poking through the clouds at Dinedor, My sisters tea party baby shower. 


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