Personalised-Prints Mock-ups

I’m so excited to finally get Personalised-Prints – my new business venture – off the ground! I want everything to be PERFECT with my new company and I have spent a lot of time researching websites, branding and photography. I found an absolutely amazing photographer/ designer called Kristyna of Brown Leopard Photography & Design and as soon as I saw her gorgeous work I knew that I wanted (NEEDED!) her photography mock-ups for my website.

The brief was for Kristyna to produce 10 photography mock-ups using the frames I am selling and come up with something quirky, feminine and very clean/ nicely styled. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kristyna, she totally got my personality and what I wanted to portray in my mock-ups. I can now display my work in BEAUTIFUL images that reflect my brand. To me, photography is one of the most important things of a successful brand and something that draws me in when I am buying online so I wanted to give that to my customers and display my work the best I could.

Take a look at some of my new mock-ups below!

Logan Birth Print Personalised Baby Boy

Anniversary Chalkboard Personalised Print Wedding Gift Typography Mock

Anniversary Valentines Personalised Print Mock Typography Heart Gift Love

Birth Personalised Print Nursery Gift Baby Boy Typography Mock

And here is the logo I designed for Personalised-Prints!

Personalised-Prints Logo


The website is still in the design-stages but I am hoping to have it live by the middle of November so I can start taking orders.


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